Founded by Matthew “Cube” Menza

Matt started flying model RC airplanes at 12 years old and continues the hobby today.  His love of aviation led to an interesting career that included earning two engineering degrees, attended a test pilot school, experienced the thrill (and fear) of day/night aircraft carrier landings in the EA-6B, combat experience, and the excitement of spending half his career as an FA-18E/F and EA-18G test pilot.

The conception of Phugoid Aero began when Matt helped start a small flight school while serving on active duty in the Navy. Eventually, the flight school adapted the briefing and planning checklist used by Matt prior to each FA-18 flight.

The betterment of the student test pilots’ briefing behavior caught the attention of FAA examiners. Many FAA examiners remarked:

“Your students are the most prepared and present the best flight briefs of any pilot candidate I have ever tested.”

IMG_0547 copy

As Matt gained experience with both commercial flight tests and the airlines, he noticed a common theme in the planning, briefing, and risk management processes used by pilots and organizations that were similar to how the military planned and briefed.

The common theme was a process that included similar attributes of critical key considerations to plan for and discuss in able to ensure a successful flight.

These observations resulted in Matt melding the best practices of military, commercial, and flight tests into a product that everyone in aviation and aerospace can use, regardless of experience or aircraft type. 

Phugoid Aero implements a methodical and disciplined approach to flying that will lead to better prepared and safer flight operations. At the end of the day, Matt wants to enjoy flying while having peace of mind that he is prepared for anything that may occur at any time during the flight.

The mission of Phugoid Aero is to ensure that every pilot shares this peace of mind through the use of briefing tools that have benefited many pilots in the military.

Post Navy career, Matt’s experience includes contract fighter pilot, commercial test pilot. Matt now enjoys being an airline pilot and avid general aviation pilot.

PhA is committed to providing aviation solutions to the flight community that adds to the safety culture of aviation.