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Discover aviation's most important planning tool.

Introducing PhA Mission Planning Briefing Guide.

For every pilot, aircrew member or mission planner.

The only flight planning and briefing app that offers the best practices used by the military, airline, flight test organizations, and required FAR Part 91 preflight planning items melded into a single source tool that anyone of any level of aviation experience can and should use!  


The Phugoid Aero Planning and Briefing Guide includes seven main features.

Planning and Briefing Guide

The first and most important is the briefing guide or ”BG.” The BG includes every aspect of flight planning necessary to accomplish any mission, no matter how small or complex. The BG includes best practices from both the military, airlines and flight test to ensure you have considered every aspect of your mission. Using this guide will ensure equate into more thoroughly planned flights thereby reducing risks and therefore increasing safety. There are fillable fields on the planning guide so you can email it to yourself or your organization for tracking purposes.

Operational Risk Management (ORM)

The second feature is an “Operation Risk Management Tool” or Aeronautical Decision Making guide to help you assess your upcoming flight. Answer 20 questions and see what your risk level for the flight is. Also, you can export the results to an email for tracking purposes.

Flight Recording

Third feature is a simple flight recording feature. You can record your flight and then export it in either KML, GPX or CSV file format for analysis or review. Many flight instructors record a training flight then export the KML to google earth to review the flight path and flight maneuvers. Flight test organizations can export the CVS file for more in-depth analysis.


Forth Feature is a unique timer and count down feature where you can save and archive different timing or countdown events.


With our fifth feature, you can customize and keep track of events through our unique timestamp feature. Keep accurate records of start up, taxi out, takeoff, or other events such as tactical engagement times.

Crosswind Tool

A useful and simple crosswind tool to ensure you are within your personal or aircraft crosswind limits.


Our logbook is the most affordable and customizable logbook available. You can customize what you want to log based on your flying characteristics. From a tactical jet pilot logging night vision goggle time, to an individual that flies both single and multiengine airplanes, you can make this logbook unique to what you care to log and track. You can also export the files in CSV format to be integrated into other databases.

Coming Features

Coming features: Cloud data sharing so multiple devices will update entries, improvements to the crosswind tool, briefing guide and flight recording. The more we are supported, the more unique  products we can develop!!

Phugoid Aero provides aviation solutions to the flight community by offering targeted aviation planning tools. PhA’s mission is to create a cadre of aviators and aerospace professionals that apply a holistic methodical approach to flight execution, ultimately resulting in a culture focused on safety.

PhA has adapted tools, principles, and methodologies used by the military and the airlines, regardless of the complexity or simplicity of the mission, to ensure mission success and safety. This approach to aviation will help ensure success and safety for you and your flight organization.

PhA is committed to providing aviation solutions to the flight community that adds to the safety culture of aviation.