Planning and Briefing Guide

The most important feature in this application is the briefing guide or “BG.” This is the feature that combines best practices from both the military, airlines, and flight test into one comprehensive briefing guide to ensure you have considered every aspect of your mission, no matter how small or complex.  Use this guide and you will mitigate risks and therefore increase safety during flight operations.  The fillable fields allow you to email the plan details in a PDF format for record keeping or for operations to have details of your briefed flight.

Operational Risk Management (ORM)

Our “Operational Risk Management” (ORM) tool parallels the FAA’s aeronautical decision making (ADM) with respect to creating a process to quickly assess the risk while planning and preparing for your flight or mission.  From mental health and fatigue to assessing your abilities, our ORM tool includes 20 quick questions when answered will give you a risk assessment score for your upcoming flight.  This ORM tool combines many of the variables discussed in the FAA’s ADM section (Reference Chapter 2, FAA-H-8083-25B) with best practices from military and airline operational risk assessment tools.

Flight Recording

Our flight recording feature is simple and extremely useful.  You can record, name the recorded flight anything you want and save the flights to your device.  You can then export the recorded track file as a GPX, KML or CSV file for future analysis.  It is a useful tool for events like flight training when the IP can export KML flight tracks directly to google earth for a great representation of the flight track in 3D for debrief purposes.


PhA’s unique timer and countdown feature allows you to save and archive different timing and countdown events.  This allows you the ability to mark in Zulu or local time when you started and ended various activities.


With our timestamp feature, you can create timestamp titles and with one click track and log your activities on the app.  You can timestamp Start up, taxi, takeoffs, or use in the house for working out or any activity you want!

Crosswind Tool

A useful and simple crosswind tool to ensure you are within your personal or aircraft crosswind limits.


Our logbook is the most affordable and customizable logbook available. You can customize what you want to log based on your flying characteristics. From a tactical jet pilot logging night vision goggle time, to an individual that flies both single and multiengine airplanes, you can make this logbook unique to what you care to log and track. You can also export the files in CVS format to be integrated into other databases.

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PhA is committed to providing aviation solutions to the flight community that adds to the safety culture of aviation.